Let’s have a look at some statistics to guide our line of thought. Did you know that every a quarter of second, there is a fashion blog that is being launched somewhere by someone on a pc, Smartphone or desktop? Okay, sure we admit, this might not be entirely true, as we do not have any scientific backing. But at the rate at which fashion blogs are popping up, this might just as well be the case.

With increased need to make a great first impression, many people are looking to online sites for inspiration. And while there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it makes it very easy for one to fall prey and victim of disastrous fashion advice. But before you crawl back into you cocoon, with all hope lost, give us, Ancaha a chance. We are dedicated to providing great fashion advice that will have everyone you associate with wondering who you contracted to be your stylist.

We make available styles that have not yet been featured in the industry and if they have, they have an interesting twist to it. They have been tried and proven by our models as is evident from the photos provided on our site.


We mix up just about everything from classics to modern and trending styles that you will fall in love with. But even as we encourage our fans to follow and like our fashion statements, we greatly encourage creativity in making the outfits their own. Find what works for you and incorporate it into the inspiration that we give. You will rock the outfit like a celebrity on the red carpet.

But if you already have your fashion sense mastered, and are looking for guidance as to how you can get yourself out there, we also provide guidance on starting fashion blogs. We believe in lifting others and growing together as a team.

If you have any questions pertaining to the inspirations we offer or process of starting a fashion blog, feel free to write to us. We are more than happy to provide you with help.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

For a long time now, Fashion blogging has been on a steady rise. It has morphed from a hobby to a lucrative business. Some of the talented and most influential fashionistas today have garnered a large following, have gotten six figure deals and landed on the covers of top fashion magazines and some even gone ahead to launch their own clothing lines. It goes without saying that it takes a great deal of effort, and numerous sleepless nights to get to such levels in the industry, but the great thing is that getting into it today has been made a whole lot easier.

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We started as a Twitter account some years ago to primarily stalk celebrities (some of the celebrities we stalked back in the day have aged considerably though). But soon our interest shifted from the celebrity life and to fashion. So rather than monitoring every celebrity sneeze and cough, we zeroed in on their fashion sense and started following top designers, stores and magazines in the industry. After doing this for a while, posting fashion and style items with under 140 characters to explain the styles, we decided to move on to something bigger and better – we moved on from twitter and onto this, Ancaha, our fashion blog.

It has been a long journey but we finally are here. We have dedicated our time to inspiring our fans and setting them on the right fashion path. We also have taken it upon ourselves to provide them with the right information that they need to start and own their fashion blogs if that is what they fancy and are into. We have gone through the rocky road and believe we have a wealth of wisdom to share with you.

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Make a Fashion Statement with the Best Funny T-Shirts

Make a Fashion Statement with the Best Funny T-Shirts

Why do you go to the mall to buy a t-shirt when almost all the shirts look the same? In today’s fashion world, there are several sites that sell t-shirts. A very good choice is to buy a funny t-shirt that says something. A lot of funny t-shirts can be chosen online.

A funny t-shirt can make the world know your hilarious side. People can smile and be happy just by taking a look at the funny t-shirt that is being worn. You also feel good when you wear a funny t-shirt and who knows it might also help others feel good about you. The added advantage is that you can easily share happiness and humor with ease. Strangers could also want to associate with you just by wearing a simple funny t-shirt. That’s a very good reason you should buy a funny t-shirt.

The T-shirt is the most vital clothing ever invented. You feel noble when you wear a T-shirt and even better if it’s a funny t-shirt. Few t-shirts consist of big images that outshine you and make you feel mere. Such fashion disasters should be avoided, you could look like a superstar with just a simple funny line on the shirt that will make everyone gaze at you. Conversations can be initiated just with your funny t-shirt, they can also be used to impress people as these funny t-shirts can be worn anywhere, anytime.

The t-shirt is still a current trend as it is worn globally by people from all works of life. Even the rich wear t-shirts in their castles and even the poor man in the street wears a t-shirt. The t-shirt has no limitations or boundaries as anyone can wear it. The only thing that can dignify you from the countless others that wear a t-shirt is how you wear it. A funny t-shirt can make people laugh and roll on the floor.

Fire Extinguisher Car Tips for Improving Your Safety and Style

Fire Extinguisher Car Tips for Improving Your Safety and Style

Most people are satisfied with having fire extinguishers only in their homes and their offices, failing to realize that there is another location that they need to install an extinguisher, just in case of an eventuality. A car is a place that also needs a fire extinguisher car installation. Owners of vehicles need to know that their car could likely have a fire accident and that they also need to get the proper type of extinguisher that would avoid any form of injury or damage that could be caused by an accident. Thankfully, this safety device exists and is capable of protecting your case in the event of a fatality.

The car fire extinguisher is also a solid version of the same powder extinguisher that is found in several stores and offices. This is as a result of powder being an extinguishing agent that could put out the 3 fire classes including, Class A, B, and C fires. Class A consists of burning cloth, paper or wood. Cars usually have cloth furnishing, an extinguisher has to be available to fight that kind of fire. Class B are those gotten from inflammable liquids like diesel, oils, and petrol. As the car operates only on fuel, this will be useful for putting out fires. Finally, Class Care for gases. A good feature is that the extinguisher could be used close to electrical equipment.

Buying Car Fire Extinguisher

When you geta fire extinguisher car installation done, you need to first of all look for a store that sells high-class extinguishers that are made based on the British Standards. Extinguishers should also have the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) certification and also BsiKitemark. On the Internet, there are several stores of repute that you could choose from. Also, take note of the car size when buying an extinguisher.

Fashionable Habits – Get Someone’s Snapchat Password

Fashionable Habits – Get Someone’s Snapchat Password

Was there any time you needed to get someone’s Snapchat password for understandable reasons? Anyway, you just got an easy and efficient way to get to a Snapchat account with any caution from the account owner.

Thinking of a way to hack someone’s Snapchat? All is that is required is for you to put in the username and any other information requires in the online password cracker and then you proceed with the instructions on the screen to hack any Snapchat account globally, this is not dependent on the device used or the operating system that the victim currently uses, the victim will still be logged in when the hack is complete and you have accessed his account, so the victim will have no way of knowing that his account could be accessed by another person

There is no need for you to worry about the risk of your account getting banned as not for details would be used to get into the Snapchat account, all you need to input is the victim’s username and any other information you have that is in public to finish the hack.

There are lots and lots of other apps that you can search for on Google but not even one of them could work because their features are aligned to popular weaknesses that existed a long period ago but have been later modified in subsequent updates but they attempt to deceive people for as long as they possibly can.

Are you worried about downloading files off the internet? We understand your fear! A lot of people have their devices infected with adware and malware as software could be installed from inexperienced software developers. You could get someone’s Snapchat password and have access to any Snapchat account globally without having to even download a single line of code, the only thing you need is Internet access and just a few minutes to find out the secrets of your friend on Snapchat.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement for the Best Fashion Pictures

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement for the Best Fashion Pictures

One major thing that iPhone enthusiast are concerned about is the iPhone 6 battery replacement. This has caused uneasiness because unlike any other smartphones, the iPhone’s battery cannot be replaced and is bonded with the other phone components. The phone was manufactured for a single user.

Consumer advocacy groups have expressed concern over Apple Inc.’s battery replacement program for the iPhone, while computer geeks and hackers have been looking for possible ways in which they could expand the capacity of the device.

With the recent launch of acrossbred cell phone, iPod media player, digital camera and wireless Web-browsing device, customers expressed their displeasure over the fact that they don’t know the company’s plan and the cost of replacing the device’s battery. Apple has to quickly post information about the battery replacement on their website after the device went on sale. It has the same procedure as that of the company’s popular iPod players.

If users iPhone battery cannot hold too much of electrical charge, they would have to give the iPhone to Apple operators for abattery boost. The data on your iPhone will be wiped off when it undergoes service process. It is, however,advisable that you back up your contacts, pictures, messages, e-mail account settings, etc. by synchronizing your iPhone with iTunes. Apple has already stated that they won’t be responsible for any loss of information that might happen during the service process and doesn’t involve in any form of data transfer. Make sure that you are sending only your iPhone for the iPhone 6 battery replacement with no accessories attached.

Many people are surprised that Apple will reveal information about the features of the iPhone and the cellular service rates before the launch date but won’t reveal details about the iPhone battery and repair costs.

3 Tips for Hiring a Part Time Maid Service for Your Fashion Outlet

3 Tips for Hiring a Part Time Maid Service for Your Fashion Outlet

If you want to employ a part time maid service, you should first know the pros and cons. For some, it is like they are invading their privacy by allowing someone to enter their house. But for others, they believe that by hiring a maid, it will give them rest of mind and can help them save a lot of time. These 5 tips will help you in hiring a proper maid service.

Employ a recommended one

Some people have a feeling that choosing a maid is like choosing a doctor. In other terms, it implies that you should look for reputable ones who can guarantee the safety of your house. We will advise that you should choose one based on the available recommendations. This will make you hire a maid service that is honest and dependable.

Conduct an interview

Most maids will be excited to enter your home so as to know to place or offer a consultation. Well, before you do that, endeavor to make inquiries about them through phone conversation. Ask them some important questions likehow they clean theirclothes, their job, authorization information, and recommendations, etc.

Types of projected services

Are you looking for a person or different services? Maids do some kinds of jobs like making thebeds, thearrangement of clothes, etc. Nevertheless, you might face some difficulties like if the maid falls ill, and you might not quickly get another person to take his/her place. Apart from this, if you employ a maid, you might not get a full account of an incident.

Aside from this, the benefit of hiring a part time maid service is that there is an availability of another person to take the place of your current maid incase he/she goes on a break or falls sick. The problem is that you may not get the attention that you desire.

Marble Floor Cleaning – Effective Daily Care Tips for a Fashion Store

Marble Floor Cleaning – Effective Daily Care Tips for a Fashion Store

Marble is a superb and special stone that is mainly used for many building and architectural designs. Though this stone easily contact dirt and is permeable, people still choose it for their home design due to its shiny and exclusive look and they are used as materials to design the floor, tiling of the kitchen and bathroom of many homes. Nevertheless, homeowners must employ marble floor cleaning and maintenance routines on a regular basis so as to keep these types of flooring in their shiny form and stable shape. This is because this type of flooring materials can easily contact dirt, scratches, dust, stain and other acidic fluids.

Regular Maintenance Routine for Marble

For those who use marbles for their home design, it is advisable that you frequently use lukewarm water to wash the marble surfaces before wiping the water off the surface with a clean cloth so that it will maintain that shiny and glossy appearance and a good grip.

Cleaning the surface with a damp cloth or clean rag will not leave dirt or scratches. Make sure that you wash the floor with a normal detergent solution at least once or twice in 365 days and ensure that you clean it well to give a dry surface. Another non-essential thing that you can do to maintain the marble floors is to apply a light coat on wax. You can also apply colorless wax on it, but you must not wax white marble or it may cause it to change its color to yellow.

Also, it is essential to apply a marble sealer for marble floor cleaning, which will shield it from stains and scratches and allow the easy removal of dust, grime, and dirt with the use of a damp cloth. Incasethere is any accidental discharge of juices, vinegar or any acidic liquids or any other thing on the surface, make sure you wipe them off with immediate effect, just as you would do if this sort of thing happens on a wooden surface.

Raising Your Fashion Awareness – Benefits of CSGO Accounts

Raising Your Fashion Awareness – Benefits of CSGO Accounts

You must take every battle seriously when playing the CSGO game. Due to this fact, you must perform very well in all upcoming matches. If you are buying lots of csgo accounts, you might not have a maximum control over each and every match. Nevertheless, while shopping for csgo boosting per wins, getting proper performance in each and every match becomes an easy thing to do.

Below are few benefits of buying the csgo accounts on a per win basis:

  1. Excellent Performance:

If you are buying it for permanent use, you can be sure that you will get a near perfect performance. This will help increase your rank tremendously. That is why you must buy it for permanent use and on a permanent basis.

  1. Cheaper cost:

Instead of buying lots of csgo boosting, if are thinking of getting it on a permanent basis, you would only have to pay for the number of matches that you registered for. This will help you get csgo boosting at a cheaper rate.

  1. Ensure that you get results quickly:

Since you are getting it on a permanent basis, you will quickly get your results within a day. Due to this fact, it becomes less difficult in getting aresultat afaster rate and you can then decide to either get more csgo boosting or opt for more matches.

This will result in you getting your result at a faster rate. Therefore, when you are shopping for csgo accounts per wins, you have to consider these factors and determine the model that you will opt for when buying the csgo accounts on a per win basis.

Sunweb be – Negotiating your Last Minute Holiday Deals

Sunweb be – Negotiating your Last Minute Holiday Deals

You have to discuss lots of important things like price, facilities, and other auxiliary services as related to last minute holiday deals. Before you negotiate, check for the prices of your preferred hotels. Also, check if they have the necessary amenities and request for their room pictures. There might be times when the prices in the website change, so endeavor to ask for the price of the room. You might eventually get an amazing last minute holiday deal with sunweb be.

Request for their modes of payment. They may reserve a space for you without you paying a booking fee if you are trustworthy and loyal. Or you can pay alittle amount of money to reserve a space and pay the remaining balance on your arrival.

Early arrival at the country of your Last Minute Hotel Deals

These deals are genuine and you can easily lose them. Ensure that you make the essential arrangements, like how you will be transported from the hotel to the airport. Bring your receipts along with you while coming and immediately place a call to the official in charge of the operation, which is the hotel manager or the owner. Tell him/her that you would be coming to the place so that they will offer you an instant service and support.

Last Minute Hotel Deals Are Time bound

You have to make a quick decision when negotiating. For example, if sunweb be state on their website that you can get a genuine discounted price for its air travelsin Asia, it implies that their quota is filled up and they have to close the deal they have with the airlines and hotels, and they are given a discounted rate at a specific time of booking. You have to immediately register and pay the booking fee or you lose the deal. The downside if that they won’t refund your money if you opt for another deal.

Blanco Sinks Reviews –Essential Style and Performance

Blanco Sinks Reviews –Essential Style and Performance

Blanco is one of the prominent players in the plumbing industry. Some of the best sinks in the market are manufactured by this company, such is among the reasons why will be discussing the Blanco sinks reviews. These products were primarily manufactured for use in in any kind of kitchen, be in hospitality, business, residential and much more. There are various faucets and accessories made available for the sinks manufactured by Blanco. The finish choices, on the other hand, include stainless steel, polished chrome, brushed or polished nickel, brazen bronze, and brushed bronze.

In the market, there are over 110 models of sinks available from Blanco. Various stores there are various collections, among which include the Blancoprecision, Sligranit, BlancoMagnum and much more. In addition, there are also single, double and triple bowl sinks made available in stores for purchase, having some as under mount and some as a drop-in. The model that seem to be suitable for the needs of a gourmet chef is the BlancoMagnum series, while the ideal choice for homeowners that fancy luxury is the BlancoSpex, which is also made available at a pocket-friendly price.

On the other hand, those in dire need of a granite sink may find the Diamond Anthracite an ideal choice. The super-bowl model in its uniqueness is easy to clean and install, durable, aesthetically pleasing and stain resistant. The super-bowl model is manufactured out of 80% natural granite that has some blend of acrylic resin.

The good choice for a double bowl granite sink is the Performa Anthracite. Its appearance is similar to that of natural, so also when it is felt. it features a bold design. For the sake of consistency, the color provision is by pigments, which is added all over the sink. It is important to be aware that this model is resistant to chipping, molding, and discoloration. It is easy to clean and if maintained properly can last for decades. It is an ideal investment for homeowners.

The kitchen sinks provided by Blanco provide functionality and are quite impressive in performance. Consumers have flexibility with their choices owing to the various models available and the dozens of Blanco sink reviews on the internet.

Purchasing a T-Shirt Printing Machine – Important Considerations for Your Fashion Business

Purchasing a T-Shirt Printing Machine – Important Considerations for Your Fashion Business

It is not news that it is very beneficial to run a T-shirt print customization business, as it will bring in more income to manage your needs. If you are in the business already and you intend on improving your business performance, it is essential that you purchase the suitable t-shirt printing machine that fits your business. Purchasing the suitable machine for your business ensure that the machine is fully functional and improving your business growth. It is very important that invest some time in doing some research before you purchase any machine for your business, just so you successfully purchase the best available in the market. Below you will find information on what to look out for when you intend on purchasing a T-printing machine.

  1. Primarily, you will have to answer this personal question, “how large do you intend your line of customized t-shirt to be?” This will help in knowing if you will be purchasing a machine to satisfy your hobby or you are buying strictly for the sake of business. It is also essential to consider the space you have made available for the t-shirt printing business, just so you do not invest in a larger machine than the available space you have for the business.
  2. The next factor to consider is determining the most suitable machine for your needs. To find assistance with this step, it is advised that you consult the reviews that provide the best information for your needs, just so you are able to weigh your options the proper way.
  3. Finally, it is also very important that you understand the price range of the machines that are available in the market. This is an essential step just so you find t-shirt printing machine that falls within your budget. If you start having issues at this step, it will go a very long in affecting the performance of your business. It is important that you invest some time into researching the best t-shirt printing machine available in the market, so you will sure you are on the right path when making your selection.
The Blue Hoverboard – Moving You Around In Style

The Blue Hoverboard – Moving You Around In Style

One of the most recent outstanding innovation in modern times is the self-balancing scooters, this personal transporting device are powered with batteries and they offer the consumers a new alternative for transportation. In addition, they give the user a comfortable and exciting riding experience. It is uniquely fabricated using various principles. In the market, there are various electrically powered scooters running or either one or two wheels but the self-balancing blue hoverboard is unique. In terms of appearance, the blue hoverboard is appealing, seeming like a futuristic personal transportation device. There is no doubt that the experience of riding the hoverboard is next to none.

Working Principles of Self-Balancing Scooters

The stop and the acceleration are the basic principles of the self-balancing scooter. The rider just needs to understand that in order to accelerate, all he or she has to do is lean forward. On the other hand, if the rider intends on stopping, all required of him/her is just leaning backward. If the rider wants to make side directions, to either the left or right, all he has to do is lean towards the intended direction.

The balancing act is one of the most interesting parts of the blue overboard. One of the most important operations of the self-balancing scooter is its understanding the movements of the human body and its ability to cope with its need and speed. However if the rider stands up and tries to lean forward for movement, he will get out of balance and fall off the scooter. What happens here is that your brain sends signals to your feet, to get down and stop the fall. Most importantly, these self-balancing scooters are not meant for use in heavy traffic conditions.

The scooters are designed with the principle which the brain is replaced by the microprocessors in sending signals to the motor for movement. The tilt sensors of the blue hoverboard, on the other hand, work similarly like the balancing system of the inner ear in our body. In summary, the blue hoverboard is fabricated to know when you will be leaning forward or backward.

LoL Smurf Accounts –Impact of Games on Fashion Sense

LoL Smurf Accounts –Impact of Games on Fashion Sense

On the internet there two major ways to buy a league of legends account, you can either purchase one from the official league of legends website or you purchase from a supplier. Many League of legends enthusiasts resorts to buying lol smurf accounts rather than attaining one by themselves. The league of legends accounts that are unverified and not linked with bots are the accounts that are not flagged.

The professional players of League of legends, on the other hand, are provided by Riot games accounts that are of 5mmr, in order for them not to allow invest time in getting better and practicing rather than leveling up an account. It is important for you to be aware that these accounts are granted access to all skins and champions.

Fastest Method to Leveling a Smurf

Primarily, the quickest method one can use to level up lol smurf accounts will either be stomping normal Summoners rift games with friends or playing against 3v3 intermediate boots on the twisted Treeline. Comparing both methods, farming 3v3 intermediate bots is the fastest means of leveling up. It is important to know that there are slated penalties after 20 games of playing that game mode. As it known, the Summoners rift is the main game mode in league of Legends. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do that while in a 5-man party, so as so ensure you won percentage will be higher and you have a faster play as well.

In addition to playing against 3v3 intermediate bots, you are in the position of purchasing IP boosts and experience from the Riot store. The means of exchange in the store is your Riot Points that can be also be purchased. We advise that you purchase these boosts, as they will ensure to make life easy for you in the long run. It is essential that most League of legends playersdo not forget that it is very much possible to stack the win+boost, just so that you would be in a position to gain four times the amount of ip/exp. Just the same way as you would without a boost in a normal game.

Analyzing the Style of the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS Ice Maker

Analyzing the Style of the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS Ice Maker

If perchance you do own a bar or a restaurant, or if on the other hand, you enjoy making cocktails for your family and friends, having an ice maker machine around is not a bad idea. The icemakers are guaranteed to give you a supply of ice, to meet your daily needs. Specifically, the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS icemaker is one of the ideal choices you can make and it is best compared to it alternatives in the market. This machine is unique with the fact that it produces chewable ice, which seems perfect for cocktails and refreshing drinks. Below you will find the other benefits this amazing machine offers.

Two years ago the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS was a new entry into the market. Owing to the quality of the product, they are one of the most renowned buys in retail stores and also on the internet with regards to the category they belong. AS mentioned earlier, one of the main selling factors of this machine is the sonic ice it is capable of producing. With no doubt, it is a little expensive, but it is what you need if you own a restaurant or bar that serves its drinks with ice. Just this past year, it was considered as the best choice of all the residential ice makers.

This remarkable machine has the capacity to produce up to 90 pounds of ice daily. At a steady temperature, the storage bin can hold up to 30 pounds of ice or say 2 ½ bags of sonic ice for cocktails. The chewable ice nuggets are produced by squeezing smaller ice particle, the nuggets are designed to hold in the flavor of the drink they are served with.

The exterior of the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS ice maker was fabricated with stainless steel. The installation of this excellent machine is easy; all that is require is a couple of minutes. After installation, when the Scotsman is turned on, you are guaranteed on getting a steady supply of ice for your daily needs. The SCN60PA 1SS is an energy efficient machine, so you can be relaxed about your electric bill despite its ability to work for a long time.