Let’s have a look at some statistics to guide our line of thought. Did you know that every a quarter of second, there is a fashion blog that is being launched somewhere by someone on a pc, Smartphone or desktop? Okay, sure we admit, this might not be entirely true, as we do not have any scientific backing. But at the rate at which fashion blogs are popping up, this might just as well be the case.

With increased need to make a great first impression, many people are looking to online sites for inspiration. And while there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it makes it very easy for one to fall prey and victim of disastrous fashion advice. But before you crawl back into you cocoon, with all hope lost, give us, Ancaha a chance. We are dedicated to providing great fashion advice that will have everyone you associate with wondering who you contracted to be your stylist.

We make available styles that have not yet been featured in the industry and if they have, they have an interesting twist to it. They have been tried and proven by our models as is evident from the photos provided on our site.


We mix up just about everything from classics to modern and trending styles that you will fall in love with. But even as we encourage our fans to follow and like our fashion statements, we greatly encourage creativity in making the outfits their own. Find what works for you and incorporate it into the inspiration that we give. You will rock the outfit like a celebrity on the red carpet.

But if you already have your fashion sense mastered, and are looking for guidance as to how you can get yourself out there, we also provide guidance on starting fashion blogs. We believe in lifting others and growing together as a team.

If you have any questions pertaining to the inspirations we offer or process of starting a fashion blog, feel free to write to us. We are more than happy to provide you with help.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

For a long time now, Fashion blogging has been on a steady rise. It has morphed from a hobby to a lucrative business. Some of the talented and most influential fashionistas today have garnered a large following, have gotten six figure deals and landed on the covers of top fashion magazines and some even gone ahead to launch their own clothing lines. It goes without saying that it takes a great deal of effort, and numerous sleepless nights to get to such levels in the industry, but the great thing is that getting into it today has been made a whole lot easier.

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We started as a Twitter account some years ago to primarily stalk celebrities (some of the celebrities we stalked back in the day have aged considerably though). But soon our interest shifted from the celebrity life and to fashion. So rather than monitoring every celebrity sneeze and cough, we zeroed in on their fashion sense and started following top designers, stores and magazines in the industry. After doing this for a while, posting fashion and style items with under 140 characters to explain the styles, we decided to move on to something bigger and better – we moved on from twitter and onto this, Ancaha, our fashion blog.

It has been a long journey but we finally are here. We have dedicated our time to inspiring our fans and setting them on the right fashion path. We also have taken it upon ourselves to provide them with the right information that they need to start and own their fashion blogs if that is what they fancy and are into. We have gone through the rocky road and believe we have a wealth of wisdom to share with you.

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Get The Most Out of Your Fabric: Overlock Sewing Machine Reviews 2017

Get The Most Out of Your Fabric: Overlock Sewing Machine Reviews 2017

It is advisable that you read through some overlock sewing machine reviews 2017 to help you properly make the right decision of what overlocker machine would be appropriate for you and to also enlighten you on the basic features you should look out for.

What Is An Overlocker?

Putting it in the simplest way for it to be understood, an overlocker is a sort of sewing machine that has the ability to stitch a combination of three, four or five threads at the same time. Overlockers are frequently used to stop all the cut edges from being frayed, it is used to trim off any form of excess fabric and join all the seams in a single operation.

Is An Overlock Machine Difficult To Use?

Yes, it is complicated to use. Your overlock machine could be a little difficult to use especially if you have never used or worked with one before. Though, many people may feel that it is not so difficult to use as they could even compare its method of use to a current domestic sewing machine, particularly if you are a just starting out. Luckily, though, there are several DVDs that are instructional and many online tutorials and also books available to help.

Listed below are some specifications that you should look out for at the time of making a decision about your overlock machine.

  • At the barest minimum 4 threads (They can be properly used with just 3 loaded on)
  • An easily adjustable pressure foot pedal
  • A 2 step pressure foot lifter, perfect when you are using thicker fabrics
  • An easily adjustable stitch length and a bite width
  • An easy to change differential feed (used for simple gatherings or lettuce edge and wavy hems)
  • Retractable upper knife
  • A free arm for use when tubular items are being sewn

Make sure you check out overlock sewing machine reviews 2017 for a wide option of great overlocker machines that are available on the Internet and also make sure you stop by a buying guide to help with the final decision.

Getting the Best Fashion Items: Rebuild Your Credit with Auto Title Loans

Getting the Best Fashion Items: Rebuild Your Credit with Auto Title Loans

If you are in quick need of cash and you have bad credit, what would you do? You could use your vehicle as collateral to get an auto title loan. In emergency cases with a huge need for cash auto title loans can be a swift source of cash. It can serve as a vehicle as well to replenish a poor score if you’re a high-risk borrower or a subprime.

Rebuild Credit with Auto Title Loans

When you have gotten an approval for a car title loan, make sure you make payments as agreed in the predetermined repayment schedule and in a timely fashion also, it is for the benefit of your credit report.

What Kind Of Auto Title Loan Do I Require?

It is best to pick an auto title loan that has a short-term length for the aim of rebuilding your score. With this, you can pay less in terms of interest, due to the fact that interest compounds every month.

Plan to Rebuild Credit

There are a few things borrowers need to have at the back of their mind when they make use of auto title loans in rebuilding credit. First, don’t spend the cash principal you got from the auto title loan establishment. It is advisable to stow the cash principal in a secluded savings account.

To increase your score, you have to pay your debts on or before the stipulated due date. You could be at risk of not being able to pay the debt back in a timely fashion if you spend it thus meaning you might have to roll your loan over. With this, you’ll pay a possibly higher interest rate in the end.

Secondly, you require a plan so as to repay your loans in a timely fashion. You have to limit non-essential expenses or use up funds from other areas of your spending so as to ensure your payments arrive on time. Auto title loans could be great for your finances and credit report as well, as long as you make sensible use of the cash.