Let’s have a look at some statistics to guide our line of thought. Did you know that every a quarter of second, there is a fashion blog that is being launched somewhere by someone on a pc, Smartphone or desktop? Okay, sure we admit, this might not be entirely true, as we do not have any scientific backing. But at the rate at which fashion blogs are popping up, this might just as well be the case.

With increased need to make a great first impression, many people are looking to online sites for inspiration. And while there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it makes it very easy for one to fall prey and victim of disastrous fashion advice. But before you crawl back into you cocoon, with all hope lost, give us, Ancaha a chance. We are dedicated to providing great fashion advice that will have everyone you associate with wondering who you contracted to be your stylist.

We make available styles that have not yet been featured in the industry and if they have, they have an interesting twist to it. They have been tried and proven by our models as is evident from the photos provided on our site.


We mix up just about everything from classics to modern and trending styles that you will fall in love with. But even as we encourage our fans to follow and like our fashion statements, we greatly encourage creativity in making the outfits their own. Find what works for you and incorporate it into the inspiration that we give. You will rock the outfit like a celebrity on the red carpet.

But if you already have your fashion sense mastered, and are looking for guidance as to how you can get yourself out there, we also provide guidance on starting fashion blogs. We believe in lifting others and growing together as a team.

If you have any questions pertaining to the inspirations we offer or process of starting a fashion blog, feel free to write to us. We are more than happy to provide you with help.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

For a long time now, Fashion blogging has been on a steady rise. It has morphed from a hobby to a lucrative business. Some of the talented and most influential fashionistas today have garnered a large following, have gotten six figure deals and landed on the covers of top fashion magazines and some even gone ahead to launch their own clothing lines. It goes without saying that it takes a great deal of effort, and numerous sleepless nights to get to such levels in the industry, but the great thing is that getting into it today has been made a whole lot easier.

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We started as a Twitter account some years ago to primarily stalk celebrities (some of the celebrities we stalked back in the day have aged considerably though). But soon our interest shifted from the celebrity life and to fashion. So rather than monitoring every celebrity sneeze and cough, we zeroed in on their fashion sense and started following top designers, stores and magazines in the industry. After doing this for a while, posting fashion and style items with under 140 characters to explain the styles, we decided to move on to something bigger and better – we moved on from twitter and onto this, Ancaha, our fashion blog.

It has been a long journey but we finally are here. We have dedicated our time to inspiring our fans and setting them on the right fashion path. We also have taken it upon ourselves to provide them with the right information that they need to start and own their fashion blogs if that is what they fancy and are into. We have gone through the rocky road and believe we have a wealth of wisdom to share with you.

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Getting the Best Fashion Items: Rebuild Your Credit with Auto Title Loans

Getting the Best Fashion Items: Rebuild Your Credit with Auto Title Loans

If you are in quick need of cash and you have bad credit, what would you do? You could use your vehicle as collateral to get an auto title loan. In emergency cases with a huge need for cash auto title loans can be a swift source of cash. It can serve as a vehicle as well to replenish a poor score if you’re a high-risk borrower or a subprime.

Rebuild Credit with Auto Title Loans

When you have gotten an approval for a car title loan, make sure you make payments as agreed in the predetermined repayment schedule and in a timely fashion also, it is for the benefit of your credit report.

What Kind Of Auto Title Loan Do I Require?

It is best to pick an auto title loan that has a short-term length for the aim of rebuilding your score. With this, you can pay less in terms of interest, due to the fact that interest compounds every month.

Plan to Rebuild Credit

There are a few things borrowers need to have at the back of their mind when they make use of auto title loans in rebuilding credit. First, don’t spend the cash principal you got from the auto title loan establishment. It is advisable to stow the cash principal in a secluded savings account.

To increase your score, you have to pay your debts on or before the stipulated due date. You could be at risk of not being able to pay the debt back in a timely fashion if you spend it thus meaning you might have to roll your loan over. With this, you’ll pay a possibly higher interest rate in the end.

Secondly, you require a plan so as to repay your loans in a timely fashion. You have to limit non-essential expenses or use up funds from other areas of your spending so as to ensure your payments arrive on time. Auto title loans could be great for your finances and credit report as well, as long as you make sensible use of the cash.

SoClean CPAP: Risks of a Dirty CPAP

SoClean CPAP: Risks of a Dirty CPAP


Sleep apnea is a disorder that usually leads to exhaustion because of the pauses in breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea can be treated through the use of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. A lot of CPAP users discover that they are sleeping better and feeling more reinvigorated within a couple of weeks of using the machine and most of them can’t do without the machine every night. As the CPAP machine makes close contact with the nose, eyes, and mouth, it is highly essential to keep the machine and its parts hygienic by using the SoClean CPAP.

Switch out Filters Frequently

Regular cleaning of your CPAP machine allows you to make optimum use of your machine and make sure that it keeps working for many years to come. One part of cleaning your CPAP machine that is usually overlooked is frequent switching out of your filters. CPAP filters function as a buffer to ensure that debris is kept out of the machine and away from your lungs and airway. So, it’s super important to ensure that the filter is working at its best.

Use an automated CPAP Cleaner

Keeping your CPAP machine, supplies, and humidifier cleaned can be an onerous job. A lot of people don’t do it as often as they should due to the fact that it’s time-consuming. A CPAP cleaner like the SoClean CPAP will ensure that your machine stays clean daily and it won’t take you away from other activities that you love. All you to do is load the mask into the cleaner then turn it on. Whenever you’re ready for bed, your machine and mask will be disinfected and ready for use.

Get the most from your treatment for sleep apnea through regular replacement of your supplies and keeping them disinfected and hygienic. Ensuring that your machine and supplies are clean will prolong their life, keep you healthy, and save you money.

Video Game Genres That Are Adaptable To Seriöse Gewinnspiele

Video Game Genres That Are Adaptable To Seriöse Gewinnspiele


A serious game has to do with the simulating real-life events or processes created for problem-solving purposes and learning. Although some serious games or seriöse gewinnspiele can be enjoyable, their main purpose is to train and educate the player; Such games can be employed in advertising, marketing, and other purposes.

On the other hand, the terms video game genre refer to a class of games centered on an interactive game play. With the design of serious games, there are numerous video game genres that can be employed; due to the fact that such games contain graphics, interactions, and themes that can help classify them into a range of video game genres effortlessly. Some video game genres that are adaptable to serious games are;


This is a combination of two favorite video game genres; adventure and action. Serious games in the action-adventure category naturally contain short-term goals that are reachable through combat and puzzle-solving and long-term targets that must be met through the use of items or tools. Some favorite serious games for this genre are Close Combat: Marines and CyberCIEGE.

Adventure Games

Adventure games have been around the longest in the video game genre. The player assumes the role of a central character in a story mode that is essentially interactive which involves problem-solving and exploring the game world. Unlike action-adventure, a majority of adventure games come with single player options and need thorough observation plus critical thinking. An edutainment or staff training serious game, such as Democracy, uses the adventure genre.

Life Simulation Games

This is a simulation subgenre that consists of generating and guiding one or several artificial lives. This could include designing individual features, simulating a virtual ecosystem or defining the relationship between a character and others. Seriöse gewinnspiele providing social interaction or training in pet raising fall into this category.

Making a Fashion Statement – 10 Elements of Good Website Design

Making a Fashion Statement – 10 Elements of Good Website Design


Good website design is essential in the highly visual market of today. Users reach a decision as to whether they want to do business or interact with you within a couple of seconds of landing on your site. Just a glance at your website and someone can be turned off or turned into a customer.

So, how do we classify a website as great enough to ensure that the users keep coming back? The starting point is the basics of design, an integration of modern technology is important too, plus the site as to be greatly functional and usable. There’s always a talk about good design, techniques, and design practices, so the 10 elements below should teach you about the essential of website design.

The 10 elements to think through are;

  1. Simple typography that can be read easily
  2. Defined color palette
  3. Powerful pictures that highlight your brand
  4. Branding and logo
  5. Calls-to-action that are easy to understand
  6. Navigation that takes users through the site
  7. Modern design interface and techniques
  8. Elements that function in intuitive ways and easy user interface tools
  9. Targeted and concise copy
  10. A brand story communicated in a manner that connects with visitors to your site

Depending on the user, people have different concepts of what makes a “great” website design because that depends partly on how the beholder sees things. However, through basic design principles, and thinking thoroughly about website goals and usability, it is possible to create a site that works well for the user and looks great. During the planning phases, you need to think about your whole image, first impressions, branding, the significance of information, and how a visitor to your site will interact with it. This ensures that you create a great design.

Get a Banging Body for that Lovely Dress – What is the best pre-workout Drink for Women. Top List

Get a Banging Body for that Lovely Dress – What is the best pre-workout Drink for Women. Top List


One of the key differences between male and female pre-workout supplements is that the supplements specifically produced for women contain a lower level of creatine as you can read on A lot of women fit in an increased cardio content into their workout sessions than men. More creatine will only result in you being dehydrated quicker and not being able to function optimally during your cardio sessions. By reducing the creatine, you tend to get the maximum benefits without the negatives.

One other thing you may notice is that women’s pre-workouts will usually not contain Fenugreek, Tribulus, and D-aspartic acid. This is because these ingredients are normally added to the male pre-workout to boost the testosterone levels of the man which women don’t need.

Essential Features of Women’s Pre-workout

Great ingredients: When you’re on the lookout for a pre-workout supplement that’s healthy, you will have to check for some vital things like arginine, carbs, caffeine, and beta alanine which causes the tingling feeling.

No Pain: You should never be in pain before a workout after taking any pre-workout supplement. You need to ensure that you know what’s in your pre-workout by reading the labels.

No Crash: This is a normal situation sometimes. You use a supplement before your workout, you feel great during the workout but once you’re done with the workout you feel so bad. The only way to avoid this is to ensure your pre-workout does not contain stimulants that are not good for you.

Maximum focus and energy boost: the best pre-workouts work by getting you excited and off the couch. They are specifically designed with just one goal, put you in a zone where you can match every fitness target you have set for yourself. Your pre-workout should give you this feeling, if it doesn’t, then you need to change pre-workouts.


The Fashionable Matching Game: Getting the best AV receiver and your speakers to play nice

The Fashionable Matching Game: Getting the best AV receiver and your speakers to play nice


Receiving fantastic sound from your setup entails that the needs of your speakers are matched up with the capabilities of your receiver. Now that you’re an expert at recognizing the performance of the best AV receiver with respect to processing and power, it’s time to think about what your speakers require to be at their best. The best approach for this is to check out some speaker specs;

Impedance – the impedance of your speakers is the amount of resistance that is accorded to the signal of your receiver. The typical impedance rating at which speakers can play fantastic with a wide range of receivers is 8-ohm. However, the moment that figure starts to drop, an increasing amount of stable power will be required.

SPL/Sensitivity – The sensitivity on your speakers denotes how loud they play at every watt of power. The resultant Sound Pressure Level (SPL) is identified in dB (Decibels). A speaker that has low sensitivity will require more power for it to play as loudly as one with high sensitivity. Normally, a majority of speakers stay between the ranges of 85dB to 95dB per watt, although there are some exceptions at both ends of the scale. If your speakers are on the low end, get a higher-powered receiver to have them perform optimally. Be aware that sensitivity does not suggest sound quality, it just means that your speakers can play louder at less power.

Bandwidth – Basically, the more bass you want your speakers to supply, the more power they’d require. Throwing the self-powered subwoofer into the mix has taken a lot of that responsibility off the best AV receiver. Systems that utilize satellite speakers while leaving the earth-shaking job to the subwoofer, don’t need as much power from the receiver. Those who use full-range speakers that give off a lot of bass will most likely require more power.

Secrets to Weight Loss – My PhenQ review and results

Secrets to Weight Loss – My PhenQ review and results



One major problem that has been affecting the world recently is weight gain. For my experience with weight loss, you can read my PhenQ review and results here. A lot of people are busy with tight schedules which rarely gives them the time to exercise or take up a diet plan that would assist them in getting back in shape. In addition to that, a majority of people live an unhealthy lifestyle which is actually not good for their health. Drinking, substance abuse, and smoking are a few of the major causes of obesity. Despite all these, a majority of the people would love to be fit again so that they can show off a well-trimmed body.

Adding weight can be almost too easy while losing weight is usually very difficult. This is the reason why supplements have reached a new level of popularity these days. There are numerous weight loss supplements in the market right now. Some are very good at delivering results while others just disappoint. PhenQ is one of the new weight loss supplements on the market. It is truly a potent drug promising to deliver weight loss after just a few weeks of use.

The worldwide reviews for PhenQ have been really positive. Check out my PhenQ review and results here. A lot of people claim to have seen positive results from using PhenQ continuously. However, some of the reviews claim that a diet plan and a proper exercise routine would ensure that you start seeing excellent results within 6 months. Also, there are reviewers that did not experience any changes within the first month of use. A lot of the people who failed to lose any substantial weight in the first few months did not incorporate a proper diet and exercise into their plan.

Latest Trends in Fashion – Four Times and Places NOT to Wear Light Up Shoes

Latest Trends in Fashion – Four Times and Places NOT to Wear Light Up Shoes



Light up shoes are a great way to exhibit your progressive fashion sense that tells the world you have an amazing stand-out personality. However, there are places and times when they are inappropriate, and some situations where you might get into trouble because of them.

1. The Wedding

The bride’s radiant face is the only thing that has to be glowing at a wedding. Leave you LED shoes at home and put on something more formal, plus a tie.

2. The Job Interview

Wearing LED shoes to a job interview is a no-no. This is not a risk you want to take. Even in an office environment that is the most casual, people still expect some level of appropriateness. To most employment professionals, clothes that are simple and conservative are the best for a job interview.

3. The Funeral

At a majority of funerals, this will serve no purpose other than to upset grief-stricken family members. Just like with the wedding, it’s important to dress appropriately and realize you’re not the reason for the occasion.

4. Going through Airport Security

Certain types of jokes, for instance, jokes about bombs, are a crime in airports. In the same way, fooling around or wearing light up shoes will most times turn out to be a lot more trouble than necessary. There are TSA guidelines on proper airport dressing to avoid unnecessary delays, LED shoes, in particular, are a big headache in this regard as they trigger security devices and metal detectors. There have been instances where airport security incidents have been triggered by LED shoes.

So, where is it appropriate to wear light up shoes?

Virtually everywhere else. Particularly at music festivals, because they offer a good environment for the color splash provided by LED shoes. Other appropriate places include nightclubs, parties, or anyplace else people come together to have fun.

Blending Fashion with Passion – Best Blenders

Blending Fashion with Passion – Best Blenders


A lot of people buy blenders solely for smoothie-making. However, there are loads of other purposes that blenders are useful for. You can use the best blenders for chopping onions as well as other vegetables for salads, dips, and stews. They can also be useful for making other drinks apart from smoothies, like cocktails, juices, and milkshakes. A lot of people these days use blenders for preparing fillings and creams for cake, mixing dough or whipping cream. They are also very handy for grinding nuts and coffee. Due to the fact that blenders are now multifunctional, buying several different appliances is unnecessary, since you can do a lot of different things with just one.

When you want to choose a blender, there’ll be loads of options to choose from and it’s possible that you’d find the numerous functions and terms like horsepower and Watts quite daunting. However, what you need to focus on before you start your search for a blender are several features that will help you narrow down your search so that making a choice is easier.

Firstly, consider whether you require a personal or professional blender. If you need one for personal use at home, check within a range of personal blenders. Some of the top personal blenders can be cheaper than professional ones, so if you’re not buying for use at a bar or restaurant, getting a professional blender is pointless.

Secondly, the reason why you are buying a blender is also important. If it’s for multiple purposes, then you should try and get food processors and blenders that come with different-sized blades and containers. Powerful old-style blenders with good blades or bullet blenders are best blenders for drinks or smoothies. Immersion blenders are your best option for blending vegetables for sauces and soups but they are not suitable for making smoothies.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

For a long time now, Fashion blogging has been on a steady rise. It has morphed from a hobby to a lucrative business. Some of the talented and most influential fashionistas today have garnered a large following, have gotten six figure deals and landed on the covers of top fashion magazines and some even gone ahead to launch their own clothing lines. It goes without saying that it takes a great deal of effort, and numerous sleepless nights to get to such levels in the industry, but the great thing is that getting into it today has been made a whole lot easier.

So to help you get into the game, below are some of the broken down tips and guides for starting your fashion site.

Just start already
Procrastination is the worst thing that you could do. And you have been doing it for the longest time now. But you just cannot afford to keep at it any longer. After all, time lost cannot be recovered. And time being the most precious of all resources, we cannot possibly afford to let it go down the drain.

It might be a little bit comforting to know that it does not only happen to you, but everyone who has a creative project. The hardest thing is usually starting. Many often get caught up in their heads, stuck dreaming up ideas and what would be rather than actually making it happen. If you want to start a fashion blog, get up and just start. Squarespace and WordPress provide you with an easy enough platform to start without having any finances even. Of course they have their own restrictions and shortcomings, but they are great starting points. When you think it is time to take it to the next level you will get an online strategist and professionals to help you with the next step. But the point is, START!

Visuals are very important
It is said that behind every fashion blogger, there is an awesome photographer making things happen behind the scenes. As style blogging grows into a profitable venture with every passing year, fashion blog photography is following closely behind. You should find a professional, through any platform you see fit. The only catch is that you should have great chemistry with the person that you choose.

Sticking to a schedule is equally as important
When you are starting out, you will need to be very consistent in the blogs you post. Create new posts every fortnight or after every three weeks. Whichever you choose, ensure that you are consistent. If you are feeling ambitious and feel you can pull it off, commit to having something new every single day. This will create more traffic and cause you to grow faster.

Also, you will need to be very careful not to second guess yourself the moment you hit the publish button. Trust in your own works.

Build relationships with bloggers in the industry
It might be intimidating at first, being new and all. But building relationships with those who came before you will only work to help you grow and thrive in the industry. You can start small. Leaving small but impactful trails of words of wisdom on other bloggers’ posts. You should also interact with the fans of the bloggers you are looking to build a relationship with as well. If you love the fashion sense that the blog advocates for, there are very high chances that the fans will love you and your blog as well.

It is also important not to leave out other persons in the industry including editors, nail technicians, persons running boutiques and such like professionals in the field.

Lastly, balance your blogging with presence on the social media. The fact that fashion blogs are mostly visual makes it best suited for social media sites like Instagram. The social media platforms will help to get the word out there of your existence.