If perchance you do own a bar or a restaurant, or if on the other hand, you enjoy making cocktails for your family and friends, having an ice maker machine around is not a bad idea. The icemakers are guaranteed to give you a supply of ice, to meet your daily needs. Specifically, the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS icemaker is one of the ideal choices you can make and it is best compared to it alternatives in the market. This machine is unique with the fact that it produces chewable ice, which seems perfect for cocktails and refreshing drinks. Below you will find the other benefits this amazing machine offers.

Two years ago the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS was a new entry into the market. Owing to the quality of the product, they are one of the most renowned buys in retail stores and also on the internet with regards to the category they belong. AS mentioned earlier, one of the main selling factors of this machine is the sonic ice it is capable of producing. With no doubt, it is a little expensive, but it is what you need if you own a restaurant or bar that serves its drinks with ice. Just this past year, it was considered as the best choice of all the residential ice makers.

This remarkable machine has the capacity to produce up to 90 pounds of ice daily. At a steady temperature, the storage bin can hold up to 30 pounds of ice or say 2 ½ bags of sonic ice for cocktails. The chewable ice nuggets are produced by squeezing smaller ice particle, the nuggets are designed to hold in the flavor of the drink they are served with.

The exterior of the Scotsman SCN60PA 1SS ice maker was fabricated with stainless steel. The installation of this excellent machine is easy; all that is require is a couple of minutes. After installation, when the Scotsman is turned on, you are guaranteed on getting a steady supply of ice for your daily needs. The SCN60PA 1SS is an energy efficient machine, so you can be relaxed about your electric bill despite its ability to work for a long time.