A lot of people buy blenders solely for smoothie-making. However, there are loads of other purposes that blenders are useful for. You can use the best blenders for chopping onions as well as other vegetables for salads, dips, and stews. They can also be useful for making other drinks apart from smoothies, like cocktails, juices, and milkshakes. A lot of people these days use blenders for preparing fillings and creams for cake, mixing dough or whipping cream. They are also very handy for grinding nuts and coffee. Due to the fact that blenders are now multifunctional, buying several different appliances is unnecessary, since you can do a lot of different things with just one.

When you want to choose a blender, there’ll be loads of options to choose from and it’s possible that you’d find the numerous functions and terms like horsepower and Watts quite daunting. However, what you need to focus on before you start your search for a blender are several features that will help you narrow down your search so that making a choice is easier.

Firstly, consider whether you require a personal or professional blender. If you need one for personal use at home, check within a range of personal blenders. Some of the top personal blenders can be cheaper than professional ones, so if you’re not buying for use at a bar or restaurant, getting a professional blender is pointless.

Secondly, the reason why you are buying a blender is also important. If it’s for multiple purposes, then you should try and get food processors and blenders that come with different-sized blades and containers. Powerful old-style blenders with good blades or bullet blenders are best blenders for drinks or smoothies. Immersion blenders are your best option for blending vegetables for sauces and soups but they are not suitable for making smoothies.