While reaching to get a cold drink from your fridge, have it ever popped in your mind how we have successfully lived without refrigerators in time past and the clever individual(s) that invented the beer fridge. Fortunately, this article is centered unfolding some history to you.

Earlier before Christ was born, The Chinese were actually the first to utilize naturally made ice that they cut up and the Egyptians were the first to artificially make ice rather than the type that freezes on a very cold night. There are various reports that you can consult on the internet that discuss how snow and ice were collected during winter, either by local means or by going up the mountains for the collection. They were properly stored for use during summer.

The first individual recorded to fabricate a machine specifically for freezing water was William Cullen in the 1740s. He was a lecturer and he taught physics and Chemistry in Scotland. The report stated that he used a pump to have water frozen in a vacuum specifically as an academic exercise to prove some form of theory.

In the early period of the 19th century, An American identified as Oliver Evans was the first individual to document plans that have been recognized as the primordial fridge but the final project was never actualized.

There was nothing happening that was known not until 1834 where Jacob Perkins, who was popular at that time as an inventor. He utilized Evans’ ideas as a basis to obtain the first patent and he fabricated what many described as an ice making machine.

Actually, it was an individual identified as John Gorrie in the middle of the 19th Century that fabricated the first machine that is close to being identified as the modern beer fridge. He fabricated it to advance his work in the medical field, to assist in cure and relief of tropical diseases. He called it quits on being a physician after he saw the financial potential of his invention ability to make ice but he was never provided with the funds he needed.