One of the key differences between male and female pre-workout supplements is that the supplements specifically produced for women contain a lower level of creatine as you can read on A lot of women fit in an increased cardio content into their workout sessions than men. More creatine will only result in you being dehydrated quicker and not being able to function optimally during your cardio sessions. By reducing the creatine, you tend to get the maximum benefits without the negatives.

One other thing you may notice is that women’s pre-workouts will usually not contain Fenugreek, Tribulus, and D-aspartic acid. This is because these ingredients are normally added to the male pre-workout to boost the testosterone levels of the man which women don’t need.

Essential Features of Women’s Pre-workout

Great ingredients: When you’re on the lookout for a pre-workout supplement that’s healthy, you will have to check for some vital things like arginine, carbs, caffeine, and beta alanine which causes the tingling feeling.

No Pain: You should never be in pain before a workout after taking any pre-workout supplement. You need to ensure that you know what’s in your pre-workout by reading the labels.

No Crash: This is a normal situation sometimes. You use a supplement before your workout, you feel great during the workout but once you’re done with the workout you feel so bad. The only way to avoid this is to ensure your pre-workout does not contain stimulants that are not good for you.

Maximum focus and energy boost: the best pre-workouts work by getting you excited and off the couch. They are specifically designed with just one goal, put you in a zone where you can match every fitness target you have set for yourself. Your pre-workout should give you this feeling, if it doesn’t, then you need to change pre-workouts.