It is advisable that you read through some overlock sewing machine reviews 2017 to help you properly make the right decision of what overlocker machine would be appropriate for you and to also enlighten you on the basic features you should look out for.

What Is An Overlocker?

Putting it in the simplest way for it to be understood, an overlocker is a sort of sewing machine that has the ability to stitch a combination of three, four or five threads at the same time. Overlockers are frequently used to stop all the cut edges from being frayed, it is used to trim off any form of excess fabric and join all the seams in a single operation.

Is An Overlock Machine Difficult To Use?

Yes, it is complicated to use. Your overlock machine could be a little difficult to use especially if you have never used or worked with one before. Though, many people may feel that it is not so difficult to use as they could even compare its method of use to a current domestic sewing machine, particularly if you are a just starting out. Luckily, though, there are several DVDs that are instructional and many online tutorials and also books available to help.

Listed below are some specifications that you should look out for at the time of making a decision about your overlock machine.

  • At the barest minimum 4 threads (They can be properly used with just 3 loaded on)
  • An easily adjustable pressure foot pedal
  • A 2 step pressure foot lifter, perfect when you are using thicker fabrics
  • An easily adjustable stitch length and a bite width
  • An easy to change differential feed (used for simple gatherings or lettuce edge and wavy hems)
  • Retractable upper knife
  • A free arm for use when tubular items are being sewn

Make sure you check out overlock sewing machine reviews 2017 for a wide option of great overlocker machines that are available on the Internet and also make sure you stop by a buying guide to help with the final decision.