One major thing that iPhone enthusiast are concerned about is the iPhone 6 battery replacement. This has caused uneasiness because unlike any other smartphones, the iPhone’s battery cannot be replaced and is bonded with the other phone components. The phone was manufactured for a single user.

Consumer advocacy groups have expressed concern over Apple Inc.’s battery replacement program for the iPhone, while computer geeks and hackers have been looking for possible ways in which they could expand the capacity of the device.

With the recent launch of acrossbred cell phone, iPod media player, digital camera and wireless Web-browsing device, customers expressed their displeasure over the fact that they don’t know the company’s plan and the cost of replacing the device’s battery. Apple has to quickly post information about the battery replacement on their website after the device went on sale. It has the same procedure as that of the company’s popular iPod players.

If users iPhone battery cannot hold too much of electrical charge, they would have to give the iPhone to Apple operators for abattery boost. The data on your iPhone will be wiped off when it undergoes service process. It is, however,advisable that you back up your contacts, pictures, messages, e-mail account settings, etc. by synchronizing your iPhone with iTunes. Apple has already stated that they won’t be responsible for any loss of information that might happen during the service process and doesn’t involve in any form of data transfer. Make sure that you are sending only your iPhone for the iPhone 6 battery replacement with no accessories attached.

Many people are surprised that Apple will reveal information about the features of the iPhone and the cellular service rates before the launch date but won’t reveal details about the iPhone battery and repair costs.