Light up shoes are a great way to exhibit your progressive fashion sense that tells the world you have an amazing stand-out personality. However, there are places and times when they are inappropriate, and some situations where you might get into trouble because of them.

1. The Wedding

The bride’s radiant face is the only thing that has to be glowing at a wedding. Leave you LED shoes at home and put on something more formal, plus a tie.

2. The Job Interview

Wearing LED shoes to a job interview is a no-no. This is not a risk you want to take. Even in an office environment that is the most casual, people still expect some level of appropriateness. To most employment professionals, clothes that are simple and conservative are the best for a job interview.

3. The Funeral

At a majority of funerals, this will serve no purpose other than to upset grief-stricken family members. Just like with the wedding, it’s important to dress appropriately and realize you’re not the reason for the occasion.

4. Going through Airport Security

Certain types of jokes, for instance, jokes about bombs, are a crime in airports. In the same way, fooling around or wearing light up shoes will most times turn out to be a lot more trouble than necessary. There are TSA guidelines on proper airport dressing to avoid unnecessary delays, LED shoes, in particular, are a big headache in this regard as they trigger security devices and metal detectors. There have been instances where airport security incidents have been triggered by LED shoes.

So, where is it appropriate to wear light up shoes?

Virtually everywhere else. Particularly at music festivals, because they offer a good environment for the color splash provided by LED shoes. Other appropriate places include nightclubs, parties, or anyplace else people come together to have fun.