On the internet there two major ways to buy a league of legends account, you can either purchase one from the official league of legends website or you purchase from a supplier. Many League of legends enthusiasts resorts to buying lol smurf accounts rather than attaining one by themselves. The league of legends accounts that are unverified and not linked with bots are the accounts that are not flagged.

The professional players of League of legends, on the other hand, are provided by Riot games accounts that are of 5mmr, in order for them not to allow invest time in getting better and practicing rather than leveling up an account. It is important for you to be aware that these accounts are granted access to all skins and champions.

Fastest Method to Leveling a Smurf

Primarily, the quickest method one can use to level up lol smurf accounts will either be stomping normal Summoners rift games with friends or playing against 3v3 intermediate boots on the twisted Treeline. Comparing both methods, farming 3v3 intermediate bots is the fastest means of leveling up. It is important to know that there are slated penalties after 20 games of playing that game mode. As it known, the Summoners rift is the main game mode in league of Legends. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do that while in a 5-man party, so as so ensure you won percentage will be higher and you have a faster play as well.

In addition to playing against 3v3 intermediate bots, you are in the position of purchasing IP boosts and experience from the Riot store. The means of exchange in the store is your Riot Points that can be also be purchased. We advise that you purchase these boosts, as they will ensure to make life easy for you in the long run. It is essential that most League of legends playersdo not forget that it is very much possible to stack the win+boost, just so that you would be in a position to gain four times the amount of ip/exp. Just the same way as you would without a boost in a normal game.