Good website design is essential in the highly visual market of today. Users reach a decision as to whether they want to do business or interact with you within a couple of seconds of landing on your site. Just a glance at your website and someone can be turned off or turned into a customer.

So, how do we classify a website as great enough to ensure that the users keep coming back? The starting point is the basics of design, an integration of modern technology is important too, plus the site as to be greatly functional and usable. There’s always a talk about good design, techniques, and design practices, so the 10 elements below should teach you about the essential of website design.

The 10 elements to think through are;

  1. Simple typography that can be read easily
  2. Defined color palette
  3. Powerful pictures that highlight your brand
  4. Branding and logo
  5. Calls-to-action that are easy to understand
  6. Navigation that takes users through the site
  7. Modern design interface and techniques
  8. Elements that function in intuitive ways and easy user interface tools
  9. Targeted and concise copy
  10. A brand story communicated in a manner that connects with visitors to your site

Depending on the user, people have different concepts of what makes a “great” website design because that depends partly on how the beholder sees things. However, through basic design principles, and thinking thoroughly about website goals and usability, it is possible to create a site that works well for the user and looks great. During the planning phases, you need to think about your whole image, first impressions, branding, the significance of information, and how a visitor to your site will interact with it. This ensures that you create a great design.