Marble is a superb and special stone that is mainly used for many building and architectural designs. Though this stone easily contact dirt and is permeable, people still choose it for their home design due to its shiny and exclusive look and they are used as materials to design the floor, tiling of the kitchen and bathroom of many homes. Nevertheless, homeowners must employ marble floor cleaning and maintenance routines on a regular basis so as to keep these types of flooring in their shiny form and stable shape. This is because this type of flooring materials can easily contact dirt, scratches, dust, stain and other acidic fluids.

Regular Maintenance Routine for Marble

For those who use marbles for their home design, it is advisable that you frequently use lukewarm water to wash the marble surfaces before wiping the water off the surface with a clean cloth so that it will maintain that shiny and glossy appearance and a good grip.

Cleaning the surface with a damp cloth or clean rag will not leave dirt or scratches. Make sure that you wash the floor with a normal detergent solution at least once or twice in 365 days and ensure that you clean it well to give a dry surface. Another non-essential thing that you can do to maintain the marble floors is to apply a light coat on wax. You can also apply colorless wax on it, but you must not wax white marble or it may cause it to change its color to yellow.

Also, it is essential to apply a marble sealer for marble floor cleaning, which will shield it from stains and scratches and allow the easy removal of dust, grime, and dirt with the use of a damp cloth. Incasethere is any accidental discharge of juices, vinegar or any acidic liquids or any other thing on the surface, make sure you wipe them off with immediate effect, just as you would do if this sort of thing happens on a wooden surface.