Nintendo formed a partnership with Niantic Labs to rejuvenate the 2016 edition of Pokemon title, and they achieve their task by creating an app that features a mobile and well-designed techs like augmented reality and GPS; all these are done to enable the player to enjoy the Pokemon game in real world. All these features are incorporated into the app, Pokemon Go. It is compatible with an Android or iPhone device and you might have come across this game on numerous platforms like the poke website, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and a host of others. Your colleagues are even playing it and discussing it in their meetings. So, read on to find out more information about this amazing game.

What is Pokemon Go?

Almost everyone has heard about this game. It can be described as a franchise that involves imaginary elements referred as Pokemon (pocket monsters) and humans – referred as Pokemon Trainers. The Pokemon Trainers are the ones who actively participate in the game by catching and battling each other for sport. The franchise was first introduced to the market as a Nintendo-published video game for the real Game Boy. After some time, this game underwent some transformation into animated TV events, trading card games, comic books, movies, and toys.

You don’t need to involve yourself in some sorts of unnecessary activities before playing this game. That said, it has similar features like the old Pokemon games: you secure Pokemon, evolve, fight in Poke Gyms, etc – the main difference is that you are performing this task in a real world. You don’t need to use a D-pad for navigation purposes. You can walk in your physical form, and your virtual avatar will follow your footsteps. That is the effect of technology, man.

The exciting feature of this game is that you are not only securing and battling Pokemon, you are also exploring and travelling around cool and famous areas in your town (which are referred as Poke Stops or Poke Gyms), having an opportunity to play with your friends, and being directly involved in the whole task without having to use a massive or expensive headset. The only items you need to accomplish these tasks are a smartphone, a good pair of sneakers, and the Pokemon Go app.