The M1A style rifle is widely used for one of the most popular and demanding service competitions in the country. Rifles manufactured to meet the National Match standards are believed to be the pinnacle of service rifle manufacture and precision. If you utilize a National match rifle or opt for a rifle and optics with match grade quality, then you should consider acquiring the Nikon M 308 because it is the best M1A scope for you. Manufactured to suit the standards of precision and offer some features like the incorporation of turrets for match grade 168 grain 7.62 NATO and .308 ammo, the M 308 is designed specifically for one major purpose, and that is the provision of a top-quality scope for your rifle.

The Redfield Revenge

This is another top-grade scope designed for top quality rifles. Redfield comes with some features like a 3 to 9 power tactical scope as well as compatible target turrets used for 5.56 and 7.62/.308 ammo. This is affordable and allow the budget-minded customer to buy one scope for two various rifles. The benefits of using this tool include multicoated optics for good clarity and brightness, rugged water, fog, and shock-proof manufacture, and ground up layout for shooters of advanced sporting and tactical rifles, this tool can be considered as the best M1A scope for average shooters and those who wish to get the best out of this tool.

Sightron SIII

There is no reason for getting an M1A rifle if it does not have some features like hardcore optics. The Sightron SIII belongs to this category. Designed specifically for some tasks like snipping operation on other planets, this scope comes with some features like an amazing 10-50 power magnification and a 60mm objective lens which helps to hit the targets accurately. However, it is also beneficial for numerous down to earth applications like long distance hunting, thousand yard target shooting, and scaring anti-gunners as well as your frightening looking kick butt “sniper” rifle. Notwithstanding, if you are looking for performance, quality, and a great precision and accuracy for your M1A, then this is the scope to opt for.