Sleep apnea is a disorder that usually leads to exhaustion because of the pauses in breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea can be treated through the use of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. A lot of CPAP users discover that they are sleeping better and feeling more reinvigorated within a couple of weeks of using the machine and most of them can’t do without the machine every night. As the CPAP machine makes close contact with the nose, eyes, and mouth, it is highly essential to keep the machine and its parts hygienic by using the SoClean CPAP.

Switch out Filters Frequently

Regular cleaning of your CPAP machine allows you to make optimum use of your machine and make sure that it keeps working for many years to come. One part of cleaning your CPAP machine that is usually overlooked is frequent switching out of your filters. CPAP filters function as a buffer to ensure that debris is kept out of the machine and away from your lungs and airway. So, it’s super important to ensure that the filter is working at its best.

Use an automated CPAP Cleaner

Keeping your CPAP machine, supplies, and humidifier cleaned can be an onerous job. A lot of people don’t do it as often as they should due to the fact that it’s time-consuming. A CPAP cleaner like the SoClean CPAP will ensure that your machine stays clean daily and it won’t take you away from other activities that you love. All you to do is load the mask into the cleaner then turn it on. Whenever you’re ready for bed, your machine and mask will be disinfected and ready for use.

Get the most from your treatment for sleep apnea through regular replacement of your supplies and keeping them disinfected and hygienic. Ensuring that your machine and supplies are clean will prolong their life, keep you healthy, and save you money.