When choosing the best air rifle you would like to examine how the air rifle is easily used. Some air rifles are very heavy, therefore lugging them around for long period is not always the most appropriate choice. If you plan to carry out much walking while hunting, you would want something that’s a bit lighter. The way the gun is powered affects how easy it is to use too.

PCP powered air rifles are not perfect for hunting due to the fact that you are limited on the no. of shots you could take before your tank runs out. Since hunting happens to be a time-consuming sport, a CO2 powered air rifle or even a spring powered air rifle might be better for you.

Break barrel air rifles tend to be a very good choice too, as they are easily used, and could be quite potent if you opt for the correct one.

Now that you understand what to search for when opting for the best air rifle, let’s take a critical look at some of our best picks.


One of the best things concerning this gun is that from the moment it’s taken out of the package you know it surely means business. This air rifle doesn’t look like a toy and even better, it does not feel like a toy, the air rifle certainly has some solid weight behind it.

A lot of hunters use scopes, and the Gamo Big Cat .22 Caliber comes kitted with one. Remember that it’s not the best scope available, however, it gets the job done well after it has been sighted in. In a bid to zero it in properly you are going to have to fire 100 shots at least

Mounting the scope is quite easy and majority users have no issues doing it with the given tools. One problem with many .22 caliber air rifles is the sound that accompanies every shot, fortunately, the Gamo Big Cat is pretty quiet.