A serious game has to do with the simulating real-life events or processes created for problem-solving purposes and learning. Although some serious games or seriöse gewinnspiele can be enjoyable, their main purpose is to train and educate the player; http://gewinnspielfuxx.de/. Such games can be employed in advertising, marketing, and other purposes.

On the other hand, the terms video game genre refer to a class of games centered on an interactive game play. With the design of serious games, there are numerous video game genres that can be employed; due to the fact that such games contain graphics, interactions, and themes that can help classify them into a range of video game genres effortlessly. Some video game genres that are adaptable to serious games are;


This is a combination of two favorite video game genres; adventure and action. Serious games in the action-adventure category naturally contain short-term goals that are reachable through combat and puzzle-solving and long-term targets that must be met through the use of items or tools. Some favorite serious games for this genre are Close Combat: Marines and CyberCIEGE.

Adventure Games

Adventure games have been around the longest in the video game genre. The player assumes the role of a central character in a story mode that is essentially interactive which involves problem-solving and exploring the game world. Unlike action-adventure, a majority of adventure games come with single player options and need thorough observation plus critical thinking. An edutainment or staff training serious game, such as Democracy, uses the adventure genre.

Life Simulation Games

This is a simulation subgenre that consists of generating and guiding one or several artificial lives. This could include designing individual features, simulating a virtual ecosystem or defining the relationship between a character and others. Seriöse gewinnspiele providing social interaction or training in pet raising fall into this category.